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Basic but flawless package. Receive a pristine L+R master. Make sure you send us a 48kHz and 24-bit file with enough headroom to work with. We deliver this kind of master in 24/48h.

the strong
the strong.png

Choose this package if you need stem mastering. In order for us to produce the best results in no longer than 72h, please consider sending a maximum of 5 stems. You can send us more, however, be aware that it could impact our schedule, resulting in longer waiting times.

the tasteful
the tasteful.png

This package allows for an additional artwork tailor-made by our professional graphic designer. If you're looking for a cover art that fits your CD/vinyl/cassette design, this package is your best pick.

the bottling

Physically owning your music takes it to a whole other level. Choose this package if you want your music printed on CDs, vynils or cassette tapes. You'll also receive a dedicated master for a specific support of your choice. When all is set, we'll begin printing.

Let us know if you need anything else by clicking the "Contact" button below.

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