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Should I trust you?

It's always difficult to trust someone new on the internet. For this reason, we do not ask you pay in advance for the first mastering. Instead you'll send us your track, we'll work on it and then we'll send back a small preview for you to listen. Then, if you're happy with the result, the full track will be unlocked after the payment.

Why should I choose your service over the others?

Choosing a mastering studio over an other is a personal choice. Every studio has its own taste and ways to master a track and we sure have ours. Our focal point is to make sure you like the final result by engaging an active feedback process with you during the making of the mastering, instead of just saying "here's your master, have fun, bb", without any room for the client opinion. 

What kind of DAW do you use?

We are currently using Wavelab Pro 11.


Is your studio acustically treated?

Not yet. We are a new service, and the place where we work isn't quite perfect. For this reason we need your help to move from this place into a better one. In the meantime, we took all the measuremet of the acoustic properties of the current room and we fixed the problem digitally.

You said you're using only digital processors, are you gonna switch to analog any time soon?

Yeah of course. But first we want to ensure our converters are good to go, by bying proper ones. For the current time being, we are using some of the cleanest plug-ins on the market mixed with some coloured ones to give the proper tone to your mix and a little bit of timbrial identity.




What kind of payment do you accept?

We use the paypal/me method.

For more info and prices do not esitate to contact us by using the proper contact form by clicking on the button below.

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