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Alessandro Caldarola - Foto Professional



Alessandro is a young Mastering Sound Engineer, an Electronic Music Composer as well as a Live Sound Engineer specialized in jazz ensemble.


He's a native of electronic music. He began his career in 2012 with the idea of composing music a bit too complicated for his current knowledge (Dubstep, DnB, etc). After moving to Rome, he began his academic studies in Soung Engineering, finishing his career with a master's degree in Mix and Mastering. During his studies, he was welcomed into a Roman jazz club as a sound engineer, where shortly after he managed to become its resident. His experiences as a live sound engineer continue with various services and in various events, while in his spare time he continued developing his career as a composer, but this time with the help of four other people, who all together form a band called Whattafuck?! .

After having accumulated a great cultural baggage in the musical field, he founded Midnight Ride Masters, a place in which he will be able to express his technique and his creativity through the mastering process.

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Marco is a young creative, heavily influenced by the millennial digital culture and specialized in advertising. In more than 10 years of experience he has tackled almost every aspect of communication through graphic design, handling of printing equipment, photography, artistic and architectural applications, product design and social strategies.


The first experiments in graphic design date back to his adolescence. In 2008 he decided to nurture this passion with Dario, his father, opening a digital and art prints laboratory. Over the years he refined his skills in the field, evolving into a real graphic designer working on increasingly large and ambitious projects. In 2014 he obtained a position in the graphics department of Migro, a leading brand in the food distribution sector with points of sale throughout Italy, where he created packaging for products still distributed nationwide and abroad. Along the way he faced many different challenges, including brand restyling, editorial publications and graphics for social media.


Since 2019 he has been working as a freelance creating institutional branding, printed/digital communication and advertising material for individuals and companies.

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